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Welcome to our Easter SFH6 newsletter

As the exam season is nearly upon us students are focusing on careful revision and exam preparation. Sixth Form students will be able to use the study at Sydenham as a revision space from Monday 3rd April - Weds 5th April and some classes also have revision sessions over the holiday (students have been spoken to and texted where this is the case). Students have also found time to take part in a range of enrichment activities both in school and beyond and staff have been busy interviewing over 500 prospective Year 11 students who are keen to join SFH6 in September.

Finally - a reminder to Year 12 that work experience forms need to be completed and handed in to the 6th form as soon as we return from the holidays. If you haven't yet found a place please use the next two weeks to send out your emails and make those phone calls

Have a great holiday

Gill Pooley


Our Year 13 students are in the final stage of the University application process – Universities have usually made all their offers by 31st March and students will need to reply to their offers by 4th May. Once students have replied to the offers they are able to apply for university accommodation where relevant, the sooner the better with this! It is also very important that students complete their student finance application as soon as possible

Year 12 students will start their UCAS preparation programme after the Easter Holidays once AS exams are over. Many students have already taken opportunities to apply for and attend a range of taster courses and to apply for weekend and summer courses. The sixth form will always text students about these opportunities so please pay close attention to these texts and then see the sixth form admin team for more information about any that interest you. The details of the UCAS and Progression programme will be sent home shortly after the holidays and includes opportunities to network with student university ambassadors, attend personal statement writing workshops, find out about student finance, visit a campus university and attend a large UCAS fair. On 13th June we will be holding our Parents UCAS Evening which should be a really informative and useful evening.


We would like to remind students that we expect everyone to maintain a minimum of 95% attendance and punctuality to lessons and tutor period. Research shows that students with excellent attendance usually achieve at least one grade higher than other students in their exams. We are extremely impressed by the large number of students who have maintained a 100% attendance and punctuality record since September, in fact too many to list here!
If students do have to be absent from school please remember that a note or a phone call from parents is needed to authorise the absence. Contact details for 6th form reception at each school are listed below.

In the summer term lessons will continue as timetabled up to the final exams for each subject.  Students are expected to attend these lessons unless they have an examination on that day or the following day.  Level 3 BTEC courses, Level 2 courses and Applied Media Production A level will continue until the date specified by the subject leader.
Revision Tips:

As we get very close to the AS and A2 examinations (3 or 4 weeks to some!) students need to make sure that they are putting their revision plans into action. Building on the feedback from teachers and the Mock Exam results, students should be using their time to revise thoroughly and to practice exam questions. Revision needs to be active and techniques such as flash cards and the Cornell method have been recommended to students. To check that revision is working students should always ask themselves; ‘Do I know it?’, ‘How do I know that I know it?’
The websites below can provide some really useful advice on these two revision techniques and planning, take a look: An excellent explanation of using Flash Cards An excellent guide to the Cornell Method

STEM WEEK: Spectroscopy in a Suitcase by Isobel Kirby 12E

On Tuesday 14th March, Ms Kanu's AS Chemistry class had a visit from two PhD students from Greenwich University who were working in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). They delivered a lesson on Mass Spectrometry which linked directly to the content we were studying in class for our AS course.  It was a very interesting and useful session as we learnt more about the uses of Mass Spectroscopy, such as in drug analysis. By the end of the session we were able to analyse mass spectra ourselves and identify chemical compounds. I found this an enjoyable activity as I like using problem - solving methods to work out the identity of substances and I am seriously considering a career in qualitative analysis in the future. We were also given the opportunity to use an Infrared Spectrometer, which is used by university students and professional chemists to determine the structure of compounds and is used by police in breathalysers.  Overall the session was fascinating as it helped students who, like me, are aspiring towards a career in Chemistry to consider what a future in the field could be like. 

Sixth Form Student Ambassadors: Teaching the Headteachers (Rashann Thangwa-John, Jennifer Nkana, Dionne Polson-Owusu, Olga Olver, Orla Mantle, Isobel Kirby, Ciara Clarke, Lydia Swift)

On 16th March a team of nine 6th form ambassadors led a meeting of over 40 Lewisham Headteachers as part of the Lewisham Directors Briefing. Our students were asked to plan and lead a session to help Headteachers across the borough to think about how they might develop the role of student voice and student leadership in their own schools. This group of students met with Kate Bond, the Deputy Director of Education in Lewisham, and worked as a group to plan a really active, engaging and challenging session. On the day Dionne Polson Owusu took the lead role, skilfully and confidently explaining the activities, whilst the team of ambassadors facilitated groups of headteachers to ensure that they were focused and on-task throughout. Towards the end of the session Orla Mantle and Isobel Kirby presented a short video that they had made exploring different students views about the role of school councils. The session was extremely successful and well received and students received lots of very positive comments about the content of the session and of how well they led and managed such a large group of senior leaders.
After the session, Kate Bond wrote to thank our fabulous students and said ‘It was a brilliant session…A number of Headteachers spoke to me at the end of the morning and were full of praise for the students – they told me they were taking away some ideas about what they could do to further improve student voice and student leadership in their own schools.’
She was particularly impressed with how calmly all the students handled the session and commented that they were ‘professional, focussed, engaging and confident’.
The session was an excellent example of how resourceful and confident our 6th form students have become and how well they can work together to research, plan and organise such an event. We are very proud of them indeed!

Congratulations to Y12 Business Students

Year 12 OCR Business Students have worked hard this term to research and prepare a presentation to a company called 'KeepMoat' who build new homes. The students were given the following question 'How can Keepmoat engage and involve the community more whilst regenerating Excaliber Estate?'

This was a great experience for the students who were given very positive and detailed feedback from KeepMoat staff which will help them in the future when having to deliver project reports. It was especially pleasing that KeepMoat have said they will be taking on board some of our recommendations and will be feeding back the outcomes during the summer term. Well done!

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Our EPQ students have been presenting their projects to an audience during March. To complete the project (which is worth half an A level) students have had to develop a research question and carry out independent research to write a 5000 word report. Students have attended regular tutorials in school to discuss their progress and we have been incredibly impressed by the quality of their presentations and proud of the enormous amount of learning that students showed us. Students projects covered a very wide range of titles including: To what extent Vladimir Lenin create a system of government based on Communist ideology after the Russian revolution of 1917; The Psychological Effects of War on Individuals; Should the Japanese language abolish Kanji?; and To what extent do traditional European fairy tales present a negative view of their female characters.

Students have learnt a great deal from the project, especially time management and research skills and we are confident that these skills will be of great benefit to the students as they move on to university next year. WELL DONE!

We will be launching the EPQ with Year 12 students later in the summer term so look out for information after May half term.

AS and A Level Media Productions

The latest AS and A2 Media productions are now ready to view! PLease click on the youtube link to watch


Ballet Boyz: by Lydia swift Year 12

Last week I took part in a Dance Workshop Run by two members of the Ballet Boyz Company. The session was split into 3 sections the first was a warm up which included team building activities, the second included development of contemporary technique and partnering and in the final section we studied some repertoire from a piece the company had previously worked on based on the 1st word war. I really enjoyed working with the professional dancers and learning new techniques for lifts and partnerwork.

And in sporting news....

The Sixth Form football team played well against Harris Greenwich in the Blackheath Cup but sadly lost out 2-3 with both our goals scores by Charlie Baker-Mullings. Mr Hollidge

April 18th Term Starts at Forest Hill - Staff training day at Sydenham
April 18th

Term starts at Sydenham

May 26th Year 13 Leavers Prom
May 29th- June 2nd Half Term
June 12th - 16th Y12 UCAS and Progression Week
June 13th Parents UCAS Information Evening
June 15th Y12 Visit to Kent University and Canterbury
June 19th A/A2 teaching begins for Year 12
June 26th – June 29th Y11-12 Bridging Week
July 10th - 14th Year 12 Work Experience
August 17th AS and A2 Results Day – Year 12 to Year 13 enrolment

Gill Pooley
Head of SFH6 Gill Pooley: Teaches Sociology and Media Studies.

Thierry Maton
Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Economics and Business Studies.

Mark Salmon
Deputy Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Maths and IFS.

Anita Belger
Head of 6th Sydenham: Teaches Sociology.

Sheila Conway
Head of Year 12 Sydenham: Teaches Health and Social Care and History

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