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Welcome to our Xmas SFH6 Newsletter

This half term has been a very busy one for students and staff alike with mock exams for all, UCAS applications for Year 13, a range of trips and visits, our Open Evening and of course our Year 13 parents evening. We have been especially proud of our SFH6 ambassadors and 6th form Council as they have taken on a variety of roles including supporting the Open Evening, Fundraising events and leading assemblies for all years.

We wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday

Off to University ....or nearly....

100 of our Year 13 students have now sent off their applications to University and offers have been coming in steadily since before half term with many of our students already holding 5 offers.

Students have received offers from a range of excellent universities including Bristol, Exeter, Edinburgh, SOAS, Birmingham, Manchester, Warwick, Nottingham, Leeds, Queen Mary and Southampton amongst others. Seven SFH6 students were selected for interview at Oxford and Cambridge so fingers crossed for those students as they wait to find out if they will receive an offer in the new year. Next term will see more offers coming through and our year 13 students getting closer to the next exciting stage of their lives.
For those students who haven’t yet sent their UCAS off please remember that the FINAL UCAS deadline is 15th January. Make sure you have everything ready to go for the start of term

The Sixth Form Open Evening
Our Open Evening was held at Sydenham School in November. We welcomed over 1000 people to the evening including many external visitors as well as lots of students and families from Sydenham and Forest Hill. Our student ambassadors did an excellent job talking with Year 11 students and parents about 6th form life and their courses. They provided an excellent support to all our teachers as always. Year 11 students from Sydenham and Forest Hill have now handed in their application forms and will be invited to attend an interview in the new year. We would like to say a special thank you to Beth Dawson, Chris Perrin and Monique Ezinwe in Year 13 for making such fabulous speeches about the 6th form.

Year 12 German Visit to the LSE (Nina Kenton)
Year 12 students studying German recently visited the London School of Economics for the German Embassy Careers Fair 2016. They were able to meet and talk with representatives from many international businesses that value employees with an ability to speak German and have business links to German speaking countries such as Bosch, UBS, BMW, American Express & Commerzbank AG and they also took part in a cultural quiz to test their knowledge of Germany.
They discovered the possibilities for internships, part-time employment during university and job opportunities using their language skills after they complete their studies.
German companies account for over 500,000 jobs in Britain and the Confederation of British Industry says that number of British employers rating German as useful for their business is 47%. Students were left in no doubt that having German on their CV would prove to be advantageous once they enter the job market.
To get first-hand experience of working for a German company, a number of our Year 12 students will be undertaking work experience in Germany during February half term.

Trip to Southwark Cathedral- ‘Young People’s Question Time’

On Wednesday 23rd November, a group of students and I were invited to a Post-16 Conference taking place in Southwark Cathedral. Young Peoples Question Time is like BBC Question Time and the event is aimed at young people participating in discussion of ethical, political or social matters.
We arrived at the Cathedral and settled down for the afternoon. Students had to send in their own questions prior to the event and then a range of topics were debated. Students debated the American Election and British economic policy post Brexit. They also considered questions such as 'can terrorism ever be justified?' and 'how should communities respond to transgender issues?'.
No one simply agreed or disagreed with questions asked, everyone considered and respected each other's points and students’ views were taken as seriously as the adults on the panel.  Events like this demonstrate to society that young people have serious opinions on current events and that they really should be listened to. (Ms Conway - Head of Y12 SYD)

Media Champs Meeting November 2016 by Regan Richards (A2 Media Studies student)

A Media Champs meeting took place at the end of November. This is a group that meets once per half term and allows students from a range of years, who have a specific interest in media, to get an insight into the avenues that media can provide in the future. In the latest meeting, there was a visit from Dr Anamik Saha, who is a lecturer from Goldsmiths University and who lectures in subjects such as media, communications and promotions. He provided many of the members of the group with a better understanding of how large the media industry is and how a degree in media is becoming increasingly popular amongst employers, as well as the different kinds of media degree that students can follow. He also talked about his interest in the different ways in which races and ethnicities are represented in the media. In light of this recent meeting, the group is planning to visit the Media Department at Goldsmith’s University, in order to gain a better understanding of how media can be beneficial to us in the future.
Year 12 Skills London Trip- Excel Centre

As part of our advice, information and guidance programme for Year 12 we took the entire year group to the Skills London event on December 9th. The event enables students to find out more about a range of professional careers and university courses. Later in the year our Year 12 students will focus on planning their progression after 6th form - we'll send more details about this programme in the new year.

Y13 BTEC Music Concert
The Year 13 Music concert was held at Forest Hill School on 12th December. This was a fabulous event as always and demonstrated what amazingly talented young people we have. Here are some photos from the evening


A Level Drama On Tour...... (Holly Chacksfield)

Last month, the year 13 Drama and Theatre Studies class took our productions on tour to Adamsrill and St Bartholomews primary schools, and performed a week later to Eliot Bank primary school in the Sydenham drama studio. We devised plays, adapted from much loved children's books 'The Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and 'There's A Boy in the Girl's Bathroom' by Louis Sachar, around the themes of transition, theatre in education and growth mindsets.

On tour we performed at Adamsrill and St Barts, each with completely different atmospheres. We were met with warm welcomes at both as we unloaded the minibus filled with props and staging. There was a moment where we all thought we could be done for, taking the stage flooring up the tiny staircase at Adamsrill. Everyone had shoulder pains afterwards, but that didn't stop us from performing. At St Bartholomews', we had the chance to have a short Q&A with the pupils, and discuss what they had learnt from our plays and what they thought the key messages were. It was a great opportunity to have an experience of performing without knowing what was going to happen.

For our drama studio performance, we wanted to create a theatre ambiance. Here we were able to use lots of lighting and sound, all for the big production at the end of the week. We had two year 5 classes from Eliot Bank see them, and really engaged during moments of audience interaction. A parent who accompanied the school told them that "the pieces were brilliant" and "...made them think about the themes of asking for help and having confidence."

It was an amazing experience, one we would never forget.

Students campaign for better lighting on the footbridge

In the past the footbridge which connects Sydenham and Forest Hill at the bottom of Sydenham Park Road has been subject to much discussion concerning personal safety.  Neither the council nor Transport for London have been proactive with regard to investing in adequate lighting.  Last year Sydenham School Council articulated their experiences of using the footbridge during the winter due to the lack of lighting, many said they did not use it because they felt unsafe.  As part of our status as a Rights Respecting and London Citizens school we decided to take action and campaign for better lighting in and around the footbridge.  On the 12th December Sydenham students and members of staff walked to the footbridge with lights to highlight our concerns to Councillor Best and request a meeting.  We received a response very quickly and will be meeting her next term.  Well done!

3rd January Start of term at Sydenham
5th January Start of term at Forest Hill.
9th January Folder Checking Fortnight 2 'Fit For Revision'
15th January UCAS Deadline
19th January (5pm - 7.30pm) Year 12 Parents and Teachers Evening (held at Forest Hill School)
23rd - 27th January Mock 2 for AS, Year 1 BTEC and GCSE Maths/English
30th January - 3rd February Mock 2 for A2 and Year 2 BTEC courses
13th - 17th February Half Term

Head of SFH6 Gill Pooley: Teaches Sociology, Media Studies and the Extended Project.

Head of 6th Forest Hill Mr Maton: Teaches Economics and Business Studies

Deputy Head of 6th Forest Hill Mr Salmon: Teaches Maths and Politics.

Head of 6th Sydenham Ms Belger: Teaches Sociology.

Head of Year 12 Sydenham Ms Conway: Teaches Health and Social Care, Citizenship and PSE.


We would like to remind students that we expect everyone to maintain 100% attendance to lessons. Research shows that students with excellent attendance and punctuality usually achieve at least one grade higher than other students in their exams. We are extremely impressed by the large number of students who have maintained a 100% attendance record since September, in fact too many to list here!
If you do have to be absent from school please remember that a note or a phone call from parents is needed to authorize the absence.

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