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Welcome to our Xmas SFH6 Newsletter

This half term has been a very busy one for students and staff alike with mock exams for all, UCAS applications for Year 13, a range of trips and visits, our Open Evening and of course our Year 13 parents evening. We have been especially proud of our SFH6 ambassadors and 6th form Council as they have taken on a variety of roles including supporting the Open Evening, Fundraising events and leading assemblies for all years.

We wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday

Off to University ....or nearly....    

Over 100 of our Year 13 students have now sent off their applications to University and offers have been coming in steadily since half term.

Students have received offers from a range of excellent universities including UCL, Imperial, Birmingham, Manchester, Warwick, Nottingham, Leeds, Queen Mary and Southampton amongst others. Two SFH6 students were selected for interview at Cambridge so fingers crossed for those students. Next term will see more offers coming through and our year 13 students getting closer to the next exciting stage of their lives.
For those students who haven’t yet sent their UCAS off please remember that the FINAL UCAS deadline is 15th January. Make sure you have everything ready to go for the start of term.

SFH6 Student Council

This year we have reintroduced the 6th form student council. We have had two meetings so far which have covered a range of issues from charity fund raising to plans for community action both inside school and beyond. The group met with a representative from ‘London Citizens’ and will be taking part in some work with tutor groups to develop their ideas for a community action project in the new year.

The 6th form councillors have also taken the lead on our Xmas Jumper fundraiser for Text Santa. We had some outstanding Christmas jumper wearing on Wednesday 16th December from 6th form staff and students alike. We also raised money with a Christmas tea in the afternoon and a Karaoke competition. Some stunning performances, well done to everyone for getting into the festive spirit!


The Sixth Form Open Evening
Our Open Evening was held in November and was the busiest we have ever seen with over 250 external visitors as well as many students and families from Sydenham and Forest Hill. Our student ambassadors did an excellent job talking with Year 11 students and parents about 6th form life and their courses. They provided an excellent support to all our teachers as always. Year 11 students from Sydenham and Forest Hill have now handed in their application forms and will be invited to attend an interview in the new year.

Trip to Southwark Cathedral- ‘Young People’s Question Time’

On Wednesday 25th November, a group of students and I were invited to a Post-16 Conference taking place in Southwark Cathedral. Young Peoples Question Time is like BBC Question Time and the event is aimed at young people participating in discussion of ethical, political or social matters.
We arrived at the Cathedral and settled down for the afternoon. Students had to send in their own questions prior to the event. A good range of debate took place but due to the recent Paris bombings a lot of focus was on ISIS and students debated whether the UK should take action by bombing Syria. Listening to the young people discuss these issues it is hard to believe it when people say that young people are not engaged in politics!
Saffron Worrell, who a couple of days earlier had been to The House of Commons, made some very good points on the issues raised.
No one simply agreed or disagreed with questions asked, everyone considered and respected each other's points and students’ views were taken as seriously as the adults on the panel.  Events like this demonstrate to society that young people have serious opinions on current events and that they really should be listened to. (Ms Conway - Head of Y12 SYD)

Year 12 Skills London Trip- Excel Centre

As part of our advice, information and guidance programme for Year 12 we took the entire year group to the Skills London event in November. The event enables students to find out more about a range of professional careers and university courses. Later in the year our Year 12 students will focus on planning their progression after 6th form - we'll send more details about this programme in the new year.

Media Students out and about....... The Media Magazine Conference by Amie Commins (Year 12)

On Thursday the 5th of November, the fireworks display in Crystal wasn't the only place colourful explosion filled the skies. The AS media trip to the Media Magazine conference was full of alluring explosions, from technology to political journalism. 

During the lecture, a variety of successful journalists discussed the issues many journalists often face and the way in which we're often mislead and manipulated by the media. Goldsmith's professor Natalie Fenton, emphasised the fact that we think that 24% of people in the UK are Muslims, yet in reality it's only 5%. We're clearly seeing the world through a distorted telescope controlled by those who are considered most powerful in the industry. 

The trip was informative, insightful and incredibly eye opening, both the media students and myself were able to understand the paths necessary to take in order to pursue careers in the field of media. The speakers, including Owen Jones, allured us with their anecdotes and past media experiences that seemed to make degrees in literature and politics seem bland; the interviews with David Cameron or the flights to war torn Syria, to really sell a story. 

A Level Maths - by Maddie  Luszczak

On Thursday 3rd December AS and A Level Maths students enjoyed a meeting of maths enthusiasts at the Palace Theatre, hosted by Helen Pilcher and starring talks by Matt Parker, Jennifer Rogers, and Rob Eastaway. While Derren Brown who is currently performing at the Palace, was reported to be sat snacking in his dressing room, the real magic began onstage with Maths Inspiration. The audience, containing students from across London, enjoyed several lectures on a range of topics aiming to expand learning beyond the curriculum.
Jennifer Rogers asked ‘Yeah, but is it significant?’, challenging us to evaluate the range and depth of information provided before deciding whether a piece of data, relating to anything from biased dice to medical trials, was significant.
Next came Rob Eastaway who asked us to simplify the maths we use both in our everyday lives and in large scale calculations. Celebrator of rounding and assuming numbers, Rob encouraged us to estimate the number of sausages eaten across the UK on any given day and to take joy in ‘Maths on the Back of an Envelope’.
Most mind-bending of all was self-styled ‘standup mathematician’ Matt Parker’s talk on the 4th Dimension, including a hat inspired by the shadow of Matt’s favourite 4D shape, striped according to Pi and knitted by his mum. Feel free to drop Matt an email if you would like the pattern to make your own).
Overall, the talks were a refreshing trip that allowed us to see beyond grades and exams to the experimental and exciting heart of mathematics. SFH6 Maths students would like to thank Miss Bown and Mr Hodgson for providing this opportunity and arranging the trip.

A Level Product Design Students are ‘Inspired By Design’ seminar at UCL Institute of Education

On 1 December Mr Bima took the AS and A2 Product Design students to the University of London for a seminar showcasing some of the top designers in the world. 
We heard Matthew Beaven, Chief Exterior Designer at Jaguar, telling us about the development of the Jaguar CX75, which features in the latest Bond movie.  This is an electric car with a mini-turbine which charges the battery, the ultimate hybrid car around!
Julia Georgallis took us through the world of a young designer beginning to make a mark on the design world and we also had a fascinating practical design activity with Pascal Anson, Senior Lecturer at Kingston University.  He had us making various shapes out of just two sheets of aluminium foil – a very taxing task on both our imagination and fine motor skills as we handled the delicate foil.
The day ended with mind-expanding session with Jay Osgerby, OBE, one half of the world-renowned design firm Barber & Osgerby, who won the contract for designing and making the Olympic torch in 2012.  It was fascinating to see behind the scenes of this iconic design project, from testing it in East London with a fan and watering can, to the end product being tested in a BMW wind-tunnel in Germany!
Overall it was a hugely successful day and the chance to hear from a variety of designers all at different stages in their design journey was invaluable.

Year 12 ‘Budding Brunels’ by Nikhil Sharma and Mabili Harrison

Nikhil Sharma
The first day at 'Budding Brunels' involved us visiting the Chelsea Barracks construction site. We were warmly welcomed by the Mace representatives who are the firm developing the site. We swiftly got into a fun and competitive task involving building a chair out of balloons that would support one of the staff members. It was engaging as we worked in a group to come up with a wide range of ideas; decisions were made and our team actually won the task.
The second day encompassed one of my favourite parts of the whole course. This is because we were given a project brief and in it was a task that involved building a model of a tower that could be part of the Chelsea Barracks development. We were restricted by certain specifications and a budget that we had to keep to. Following that, we had to develop a mood board to go with the tower. All of this formed a presentation that we had to do to Mace on the third day.
For the presentation we were told to dress smartly for the Mace panel. I found the presentation quite difficult, but Tom and Kieron (Construction Youth Trust) had helped by getting the group involved in a skills lesson focusing on overcoming any potential problems. We finished with interviews. This was the first interview I had done and I was quite nervous, however the Mace representatives were very understanding. Overall, the interview was a positive experience.
Finally, Tom and Kieron decided on the winning team for the tower construction and design presentation and I was pleased to find out that it was the group I was part of!

Mabili Harrison
On the second day we were based at the University of London where we designed a tower for the Chelsea Barracks site that was at least 40 cm tall and could only be made from certain materials such as lollipop sticks, straws, tape and string.  In addition, we had 20 minutes to draw our final design and 1 hour and 30 minutes to create the tower. Once we created the tower, we had to create a mood board for the theme of our tower. Furthermore, we were told that we had to present this to the Mace panel.
For the third day we had to wear suitable clothing as if we were going to a job interview as later we were to be interviewed by one of the people from the Mace panel. In the first two hours of the day, we were conducting our presentation where we talked about our tower, how it was cost effective and how stakeholders would be affected. All this we learnt from the first two days. After we presented, we were going to an interview. At the interview we were asked whether we could see a future in the construction industry, whether we knew our strengths and weaknesses and thought about our career paths.
Overall it was a pleasant experience as it widened my mind into thinking of the construction industry and whether it would interest me as a career. This course also provided us with UCAS points and can be put on your CV. Additionally, this experience could benefit people who are already interested in construction and architecture as it will give them more information into the career.       

We are delighted that 21 year 12 A Level Physics students were recently accepted onto the ‘Budding Brunels’ course run by Construction Youth and Mace. This was a 3 day programme held at Chelsea Barracks and Senate House (University of London). The course is designed to give students a chance to explore professional careers in the built environment. We hope the 3 days have inspired our students to pursue careers in the STEM industries.

A Level Drama Performances

A Level Drama students performed their examination pieces at the very end of term. The performances were excellent and demonstrated a real diversity of styles. Our students really are a talented bunch!

Success for young economists at SFH6.

Congratulations to Amira Elsaaidi and Tyler Smart who were the winner and runner up for the 6th Form in this year's WCIB (Worshipful Company of International Bankers) Essay Competition, a competition for inner London schools in which students are required to write a 1500 word essay on a pressing economic issue. This year the students were asked to write a letter to George Osbourne setting out what they believed his main priorities should be. Amira's essay was then entered into the inter-school's competition and impressed the judges so much that she was awarded the runners-up prize. Not only did she receive a cash prize (which is very handy in the run-up to Christmas) but she has been offered an internship at NatWest in any department of her choosing next summer. We wish her all the best with this and the bright career that surely awaits.
Mrs L Powell

January 4th                                        

Spring Term Starts at Sydenham

January 5th    Spring Term Starts at Forest Hill
January 8th The Young London Artists awards will take place at Sydenham School on Friday evening. The prize offers A level art students the opportunity to display their work to a public audience.
January 14th Year 12 Parents Evening (held in the Atrium at Forest Hill)
January 15th                                    

Applications should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 today

January 18th onwards

Year 11 6th form Interviews begin

January 25th – 29th                                      Mock 2 Exam Week
February 8th

Y12 Oxbridge Programme – visits to Oxford and Cambridge

 February 15th - 19th   Half Term

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