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Welcome to the final SFH6 newsletter of the year:
Over the last 7 weeks we have supported our Year 13 students through their final examinations, welcomed Year 12 back from their AS’s to start their A2 courses and we have met our new Year 12 for the SFH6 Bridging Week. As we come to the end of the academic year we wanted to wish you all a sunny and restful summer and to make sure that everyone is clear about the arrangements for the start of next term.
Year 12 Progression Week:
Year 12 have been engaged in a wide range of activities designed to help them find out more about their options after 6th form. The activities have included been designed to help students applying to University as well as those thinking of moving into higher level apprenticeships. Students have taken part in workshops on writing personal statements, student life, finance and apprenticeships as well as visits to Kent University and London Southbank University. On 2nd July we took Year 12 to the UCAS Convention at Goldsmiths College where students were able to speak to a very wide range of universities represented as well as attending seminars. We were pleased to see so many parents at our UCAS evening in June and we hope that this helped everyone to feel better able to support their sons and daughters. Of course if you would like further information on the UCAS application process please contact us via email and have a look at our resources on the website
Student Survey:
We have asked Year 12 students to complete a short online survey to give us some feedback on our Progression Week. This will help us make further improvements to our programme so please click the link below if you are in Year 12 student and have not yet completed the survey.
Bridging Week:

We were delighted to welcome around 250 Year 11 students to our 6th form Bridging week at the end of June. The week was designed to help prepare students for life in the 6th form and to help students get ready for the academic challenges ahead. To this end students have been given assignments for each of their subjects to complete over the summer. We had fun meeting everyone and teachers were very impressed with the attitude and enthusiasm of students. Here is what some of our new students had to say at the end of their Bridging lessons

‘Today’s session was extremely informative since I had no idea what I would be facing at the start of the lesson. The session today not only increased my knowledge of the structure of this course but gave me a better understanding of BTEC in general. By the look of it I might enjoy biochemistry!’

‘I have leant a lot more about ideas in Sociology and what it involves. I really enjoyed the lesson and felt it was engaging, interactive and interesting. I am excited to learn more and explore more elements of sociology.’

‘I enjoyed todays lesson because it captured my attention and held it – I wasn’t looking at the clock counting down the time!'

Y12 Enrolment is on GCSE results day – August 20th from 10am. External students enrol from 1pm - 4pm at Sydenham School

The Grand Opening:

On Friday 10th July the new Sydenham School building was officially opened. As part of this event the 6th formers had visits from a range of women leaders who spoke with them about their careers, ambitions and aspirations. The visitors included:
Louise Stewart - BBC newsreader
Margaret Mizen – Mizen Foundation
Katie Braybrun – ex Sydenham student and star of ‘Beautiful’ the musical (photographed here with Sophie, Kendra and Gemma from Year 13)
Ruth Mallors Ray – LB Lewisham
Erica Pienaar CBE – Education
Kath Nicholson – LB Lewisham
Tracey Wood – Costains Legal Director
Cynthia Masiyiwa –
Gila Tabriza – School governor

A Level English Literature FH visit to Keats House

by Luke Kenyon and Ceirchen Gandy, Year 12
“Welcome to Keats House - discover the beauty of poetry and place in the newly re-displayed home of the Romantic poet John Keats.”
If you take English Literature up for A-level then don’t be surprised when you find yourself immersed in the world of Love Poetry and on the 19th of June that’s exactly what happened to our class! We left school to visit the house where Keats wrote his most famous poems. Overseen by Miss McEvoy and Miss Elliot we left from Forest Hill station, both teachers were very excited about going to one of their favourite poet’s houses, “I love Keats!” – Ms Elliot.
Once there we engaged in a fascinating educational work shop on the poem “La Bella Dame sans Merci” one of Keats’ classics - roughly translating as “the beautiful lady without mercy”. Then we toured the house independent from much supervision exploring the majestic house as it was back in Keats’s era (1795 -1821). Due to this imagining of the early 1800’s the context of the course was made crystal clear. In this respect the trip was very useful for our course.
Furthermore the trip turned out to be plenty of fun whether it be in an educational or funny way - exemplified by the dressing up area in the basement were one of our teachers  dressed up as Fanny Brawn, Keats’ lover.
Overall this was a fantastic trip recommended to anyone whom has a taste for poetry, especially romantic or those whom wish to escape the daily boredom of school life for a more enjoyable experience but still be learning.  If you are looking to impress a girl with Love Poetry, this is most likely for you!

Quotes from trip participants:
"I like “Bright Star” – a  beautiful poems and also the film adaptation."
"I love John Keats' work - so coming to this museum was a treat!"
"Lovely, small museum with lots of atmosphere!"
“La Belle Dame Sand Merci, a classic never forgotten”


Science Success for Wiktoria

Congratulations to Wiktoria Piorkowska in Year 12 who has been selected for a Nuffield Research Placement this year.  This prestigious national scheme will allow Wiktoria to spend four weeks during the summer working alongside a top scientist to produce her own research project.  We look forward to seeing her finished work in the autumn!

The Brilliant Club:

Our second group of Forest Hill SFH6 students have begun working with PHD students as part of a project called ‘The Brilliant Club. This is an award winning non-profit organisation that exists to widen access to top universities for outstanding pupils from non-selective state schools. The project began with a launch at Sussex University in June where our students were paired up with PHD students who have been visiting SFH6 over the last few weeks to deliver university-style tutorials to our students. Our students are then challenged to write university style essays and aim to successfully graduate from the Brilliant club next term at a ceremony at a Russell Group university. We have really enjoyed having our visiting PHD students and our students have undoubtedly risen to the challenge of this high level academic work and as a result we will be extending this programme across both sites next year.

A Level Media :
In Media Studies students not only have to learn about a range of media industries and prepare for their exam but they also have to produce their own media texts. Students learn how to use industry standard editing software, storyboards, scripts and shooting scripts to plan, film and edit their own work. This year Year 12 students produced film trailers whilst Year 13 produced the opening sequences of new TV programmes. To have a look at our Media students’ work please click here:
Student Awards 2015

The End of Year awards assembly was held on 7th July. We were delighted to recognise the achievements of all of our Year 12 students as well as making some special awards to our Year 13 students.

This awards assembly also saw the first of our new SOSCA awards (SFH6 Oscars!) given to some outstanding Year 12 Media AS students (Adam, Reanar, Daniel, Luke and Bobbie)

Leadership opportunities 2015: The 6th Form Council

Over the past year many 6th form students have been involved in a range of leadership activities, from mentoring younger students to organising events such as the Prom and the Christmas talent show. We want every single member of SFH6 to develop their leadership skills and to get involved in at least 2 leadership activities over the next year so please look out for the new posters advertising the leadership opportunities in September and be prepared to get involved! One new opportunity will be the 6th form student council. We will announce more about this in September when students will find out what they need to do to stand for council.

Work Experience 2016:

We are delighted that all year 12 students will be taking part in a Work Experience week at the end of the next academic year. July 2016 might seem like a long way off but we would be really grateful if parents and friends could let us know if they would be able to offer a week of work experience to a fabulous 6th former! If you think you might be able to do this please email the 6th form admin at

Collecting Results and Enrolling into Y13:

AS, A2 and Level 3 Vocational results will be available for students to collect at Sydenham and Forest Hill between 10am and 1pm on 13th August.
Year 13: Sixth form staff will be available on both sites to support Year 13 students with any UCAS related issues and we would ask all Year 13 students to confirm their destinations with us before leaving to celebrate their results!
Year 12: On results day Year 12 students should collect their results as above and then complete their enrolment into Year 13. This won’t usually take more than a few minutes but it is essential to ensuring a smooth start to lessons in September. Further details about this were sent home in a letter which is also available on the SFH6 website.

We look forward to seeing you all on results day!

Start of term arrangements:

New Year 12 - students arrive at their base school ready to start the induction programme on Friday 4th September and timings will be given out for this on enrolment.
Year 13 students – Lessons start on Friday 4th September. Lessons and room numbers will be posted in the 6th form at each site.

Summer Activities:

Click to see a range of arts activities available to young people this summer     


Sports Opportunities over the summer

13th August  

AS and A2 results and enrolment into Year 13

26th – 30th Oct Half Term

20th August GCSE results & Y12 Enrolment – from 10am. External students enrol from 1pm - 4pm at Sydenham School
1st and 2nd Sept CPD Day FH and SYD
CPD Day FH and SYD
4th September  Y12 Induction Day 1 for Y12 & Year 13 lessons start at SYD
7th September Y12 Induction Day 2 for Y12 & Y13 lessons start at FH
8th Sept Y12 Lessons Start
18th Sept School Deadline for Oxbridge and Medicine Applications
24th Sept 12 New Parents Meeting
15th October

Oxbridge and Medicine External Deadline

6th Form Admin Staff - Forest Hill
Simone McFarlane 6th Form Administrator

Cynthia Areaola 6th Form Administrative Assistant

6th Form Admin Staff – Sydenham
Marcia Brown 6th Form Administrator

Lauren Ansah 6th Form Administrative Assistant

Lesley Daniels SFH6 Federation Secretary

Gill Pooley
Head of SFH6 Gill Pooley: Teaches Sociology, Media Studies and the Extended Project. Contact

Thierry Maton
Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Economics and Business Studies.

Mark Salmon
Deputy Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Maths and Politics.

Anita Belger
Head of 6th Sydenham: Teaches Sociology.

Sheila Conway
Head of Year 12 Sydenham: Teaches Health and Social Care, Citizenship and PSE
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