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Welcome to our third half termly SFH6 newsletter for 2014-15  

This half term has been full of exciting news for many of our Year 13 students who have been receiving offers from Universities and Art Colleges. We have also had Mock2 examinations which students have taken very seriously indeed. We expect our students to use the results of their mock exams to really focus their revision plans for the weeks leading up to their AS and A2 public exams in the summer.
A range of trips and visits have also taken place for many of our students this half term and of course we were delighted to meet our Year 12 parents again in January.


Many of our Year 13 students have now received offers from Universities all over the country in subjects including Classics, Biology, Biomedical Science, Geography, Music and Archaeology and Anthropology to name just a few.  We have three students with offers from Oxbridge (two from Oxford and one from Cambridge) and others preparing for challenging scholarship interviews. We are very proud of all our students preparing to take the next steps in their chosen career at university or in apprenticeships.
Our Year 12 students will shortly be starting their Progression and  UCAS programme so look out for details about that and also for information about the UCAS parents meeting in the summer term. Good look to all our Year 12 students applying to the Sutton Trust and Uniq Summer School.


Our SFH6 ambassadors continue to represent the sixth form at a range of whole school events and some of this group organised our second annual Christmas Talent Show at the end of last term. Sixth formers have been showing their leadership skills in a number of other ways this term, a few are listed below.

reading buddies Reading Buddies

Year 12 and 13 students work with younger students in the LRC every Thursday to raise their aspirations and confidence of young readers. This is a great opportunity for 6th formers to build excellent experience working with young people for UCAS applications and their C.V.  Reading Buddies happens every Thursday lunchtime in Room 013. If you are interested please email Ms Bornstein ( for more details.

Sixth Form Advisors

Groups of 6th form ambassadors attended the Year 11 parents evenings at Sydenham and Forest Hill this half term to provide expert advice and top tips about how to succeed at GCSE.  They talked to parents and Y11 students about the sorts of revision techniques that really work as well as demonstrating some of the best online revision materials that are available.


Sixth Formers as Teachers

Sixth form students who studied Sociology at GCSE or at A-Level have buddied up with some year 11 targeted Sociology students to help improve their grades. They are mentoring them once a week. Other 6th formers are planning to work with younger students in English and Science as well. These are excellent opportunities for sixth formers to share their experiences and to develop their leadership skills

Trips and visits
Year 12 Level 2 Health and Social Care Work Experience

All Level 2 students take part in a week’s work experience to support their learning in Health and Social care. Here are some comments on their experiences;
‘I went to Kelvin Grove Primary school and had a lot of fun with the children. I learned how to be friendly towards them but also get them to do what I wanted them to do, for example reading and number work. I was a fair teacher and helped a student to count and add up. I taught a 4 year old to count to ten. This made me feel proud and happy that I could help her to achieve. My supervisor described me as a ‘superstar’ (Natasha Davies)
‘I went to Beecroft Garden School. I was working with the year 4 class. Some of the children were hard work but some were very nice. I was able to mingle and form good relationships with the children. We went on a trip to Addey and Stanhope school, where I was given a group of students to look after. I was able to do this successfully. This shows that I can be a responsible individual. My supervisor gave me really positive comments on my last day and even invited me back to give a drumming class in a school assembly. (Racheal Balogun)
‘We went to Hodan day care centre in Deptford for our work experience. The environment was welcoming and the staff were very friendly. They gave us equal responsibilities and we enjoyed working with the young children. Our responsibilities included supervising the children in the playground, helping the children to go to sleep and have their meals. We were able to show initiative and improved our interpersonal skills. We learned how to safeguard the children in day care. We enjoyed this experience. (Fatieha Mahid and Ikram Mohammed).

BTEC Science visit Princess Royal Hospital

On Friday 6th February, a group of Year 12 students from the BTEC Applied Science course visited the pathology labs at Princess Royal Hospital in Orpington.  During the course of the visit, we learned how to identify abnormal cells on cervical smear tests and saw a range of diagnostic machines used to do blood counts as well as biochemistry and immunology tests, some of which cost almost £200,000! In microbiology we were able to observe cultures of MRSA and other disease causing bacteria, and we learned about the procedures for dealing with highly dangerous lab specimens and the emergency arrangements for dealing with potential Ebola samples.
This was a unique opportunity for students to get a first-hand experience of lab working practices and procedures as well as getting the chance to see real scientists at work.  We are most grateful to staff at the PRUH for giving up their time to accommodate us, and to Sydenham parent Raliat Onatade for making the introduction that enabled us to set up this valuable experience.

Euroscholar 2014


Later this month 2 teams of SFH6 students will be competing at Lewisham Town Hall for a place in the Euroscola 2015 debate. The final of this debate is held each year in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and is a fantastic opportunity for our students  to discuss controversial European issues with students from over 20 European countries and to be MEPs for a day! All the students have to be able to speak  a European language other than English and of course they have to have the confidence to debate in this large and famous venue. For the Lewisham round of the event our teams are preparing presentations about  their views on the following European topics of their own choosing:
Team A “How has an increase in hostility towards immigrants affected how human trafficking is perceived across the EU?” (Alice Nora, Saffron Worrell, Kiara Gaughin, Mina Brailey, Steven West)
Team B “ What is the effect of immigration on young people and how beneficial is it ?” (Havsa Hussein, Zainab Saleem, Eve Webster, Patricia Kamara, Dexter Dare, Noah Brown)
SFH6 have been successful in getting at least one team to this event for the last two years so we wish this year's teams the very best of luck.

SFH6 Future lawyers

A small group of Year 12 students have started a University Law Module delivered at London Southbank University. Students attend a weekly lecture at LSBU and made an excellent first impression at their initial lecture last week. 
‘What wonderful students you have! 
I just couldn't leave the office today without sending you an email to let you know that they are a credit to themselves, their parents and the sixth form.
They engaged well with the lecturer, followed instructions and were polite and courteous at all times - a real joy.
It is a pleasure working  with them.’ Louise Andronicou, Principal Lecturer in Law LSBU

Drama and Theatre Students

On Monday 2nd February, Drama and Theatre Students from years 11 and 12 had a personal tour of The Royal School of Speech and Drama.  They were given a guided tour around the building, seeing all the different courses from puppetry to acting, costume, set and lighting design to a dance class for the collaborative and devised theatre course.  They then had a Q&A with students from the courses and a sneak preview of the devised performance by third year students that they are seeing later in the term.


Art at SFH6


The 7th annual Young London Artists award took place at Sydenham School starting at the end of January. This is a chance for A level Art and Photography students to exhibit their work and to be judged by professional artists as well as their peers and family.
Students were praised by professional artist Roxana Halls, one of the judges, for being inspiring; challenging; provocative; confusing and delightful. 
First prize went to Megan Nightingale for her abstract, sculptural and photographic work inspired both by modern architecture and the weathered buildings and boats of Dungeness.  Megan received a certificate and a cheque for £100.  Megan said: “It is wonderful to have won the prize and the validation that goes with it. The £100 is headed straight into my fund for this summer’s music festivals.”
The runner-up was Maddy Scott-Berry for an extraordinary place-specific work occupying an entire room: an imagined art studio capturing the emotional turmoil and troubled life of a distant relative.  The People’s Choice this year, determined by votes cast by visitors to the first night of the show, was A-Level art student Andrew Wojciechowski  for a combination of ice sculptures and time-lapse video-filmmaking designed to capture the slow melting of his artworks and the residual stains they leave behind.

The Lovely Gallery

Forest Hill A level Art students held their second public exhibition at The Lovely Gallery in Sydenham. Students were congratulated on the very high calibre of their work, if you missed this then make sure you come along next year!


Courthauld Gallery Competition

Four SFH6 Art History students have been shortlisted for a prize as part of an open competition for A Level students run by the Courthauld Gallery. Students were challenged to create their own visual essay on the Pinterest website inspired by a painting in the Courthauld collection. Jeremy Walder Willows, Molly Ashton, Shirley Moore and Angel Imhogiemhe will attend a celebration event at the Courthauld on Tuesday 3rd March 2015. Good luck to them all!

Applied Media

Elaine Scarratt and Rob McInnes

In January our A2 Applied Media students got valuable advice on scriptwriting when award-winning screenwriter Anna Maloney visited them for the day in January. Her talk about developing scripts was illustrated by clips from her powerful BAFTA winning drama Falling Apart (Channel 4), and Consent (BBC), winner of the Best Drama Documentary Grierson Award. Anna showed how hard-hitting social issues - domestic violence destroying a once blissful marriage and a rape trial respectively, could be done justice through the creation of riveting drama. The students’ questions drew out the impressive extent of her first-hand research, especially her interviews with both perpetrators and victims. They also gleaned exclusive inside information about her forthcoming radio play Big Sky about the UK’s involvement in extraordinary rendition. Anna became a script doctor in the afternoon and gave one-to-one surgeries on the students’ draft scripts for their short film productions. They were greatly encouraged if their smiles on returning from surgery are anything to go by and we look forward to stories as convincing and absorbing as Anna’s.


Geography students experience university life
On the advice of Mr Manning, the FHS Geography students have been attending several lectures at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).  These lectures have covered important topics ranging from the human rights agenda in Russia, to sustainability, to the latest research on climate change.  All lectures were free and delivered by leading researchers and commentators in their field.  The lectures offered an opportunity for students to update their geographic knowledge, as well as explore what life at university is like.  All students involved are now keen to return to the LSE for lectures to help them with other subjects. 

Details of future events can be found at:
AS Psychology trip to The Freud Museum – By Reanar James Year 12

To help facilitate our studies on abnormality, we visited the Freud Museum on Finchley Road. We were surprised to find the museum was only Sigmund Freud and his daughter Anna’s home he lived at for one year until his death in 1939. The museum is a preservation of his house in Vienna as well as the actual house. We were given permission to browse around the home where we learnt how his therapies usually took place, interesting case studies and about his fascinating collections of sculptures from around the world.
Sigmund Freud is possibly the most well-known psychologist today. He gains his popularity from his explicitly controversial theories on causes of abnormality in humans – when we learnt about the Oedipus complex, for instance, I’m pretty sure every boy in class at least shifted in their seat! Otherwise, Freud is mostly responsible for encouraging research into abnormality and psychology in general, therefore he is a well esteemed psychologist.
Generally, the trip was useful and intriguing as it helped us, as psychology students, to value Freud’s theories and concepts. Freud has made psychology what it is today. However, it was also fun to see the oddities of his lifestyle, namely the sculptures which were mostly phallic or otherwise explicit.

We would like to remind students that we expect everyone to maintain a minimum of 95% attendance to lessons. Research shows that students with excellent attendance usually achieve at least one grade higher than other students in their exams. We are extremely impressed by the large number of students who have maintained a 100% attendance record since September, in fact too many to list here! We have sent letters home congratulating all of them.
If you do have to be absent from school please remember that a note or a phone call from parents is needed to authorize the absence.

Revision Tips

As we get nearer to the AS and A2 examinations (12 weeks to some!) students need to get their revision plan organized. Building on the feedback from Mock Exams we now expect students to create a revision timetable and to use study time to revise thoroughly. Revision needs to be active and techniques such as flash cards and the Cornell method have been recommended to students. The websites below can provide some really useful advice on revision techniques and planning, take a a youtube clip explaining the Cornell method


Voter Registration
We held our first Voter Registration event for our Year 13 and 14 students this half term. Nationally a very small proportion of young people exercise their right to vote and so we spent a tutorial session looking at some of the reasons why it is important for young people to vote and also at how to register. If you haven’t yet registered please use the link below.
and finally...........
Below are some pictures of 6th form Philosophy and Ethics students meeting the UKs FIRST EVER cloned dog! Students got to ask lots of questions about the nature and ethics of cloning.
February 13th – 20th Ski Trip
February 17th – 21st Half term
February 23rd CPD Day at Forest Hill only (lessons as usual at Sydenham)
February 23rd A2 reports sent home
February 27th AS reports sent home
March 2nd Folder Checking Fortnight
March 11th A2 Politics Study Day Conference
March 26th and 27th A2 Dance Practical exam. This is worth 50% of the final A2 grade.
March 26th and 27th    Sydenham School closed to students–Packing Days   
March 28th – 12th April Easter Holidays
April 13th and 14th

Sydenham School closed to students–Unpacking Days

Meet our staff  
  Gill Pooley

Head of SFH6 Gill Pooley: Teaches Sociology, Media Studies and the Extended Project. Contact
FH Thierry Maton Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Economics and Business Studies.
FH Mark Salmon Deputy Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Maths and Politics.
SYD Anita Belger
Head of 6th Sydenham: Teaches Sociology.
1SYD Sheila Conway Head of Year 12 Sydenham: Teaches Health and Social Care, Citizenship and PSE
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