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Welcome to our Xmas SFH6 Newsletter

This half term has been a very busy one for students and staff alike with mock exams for all, UCAS applications for Year 13, a range of trips and visits, our Open Evening and of course our Year 13 parents evening. We are looking forward to celebrating the end of term with a festive jumper day and our now annual SFH6 Talent Show.

We wish you all a happy and peacful holiday

Off to University ....or nearly....    
Many of our Year 13 students have now sent off their applications to University and offers have been coming in steadily since half term. Students have received offers from Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol amongst others and eight SFH6 students have recently attended interviews at Oxford and Cambridge so fingers crossed for all of those students. Next term will see more offers coming through and our year 13 students getting closer to the next exciting stage of their lives.
SFH6 Ambassadors

This half term our team of student ambassadors have had a very busy time giving speeches to prospective parents, supporting the implementation of the new behaviour policy at Sydenham and representing SFH6 on our Open Day. This year we had over 50 ambassadors taking part in the Open Evening, they did a fabulous job and many visitors commented on the warm welcome they received and on the excellent help and advice the students were able to provide. Ambassadors have also taken the lead on our Xmas Jumper fundraiser for Save the Children. We look forward to some outstanding Christmas jumper wearing on Thursday 18th December from staff and students alike.
A group of SFH6 ambassadors have been working extra hard over the last few weeks to develop their organisational skills and plan a 6th form festive celebration. This event features the vast and varied talents of our own students and should be a great way to start the festive season . This takes place on Wednesday 17th December so look out for pictures on our twitter (link above)

Ambassadors will have many more opportunities next term to develop their leadership skills so please sign up to participate. Students who are not yet ambassadors are welcome to collect an application form at the start of next term

The new sixth form centre at Sydenham - By Nada Montague (Year 12)
The new STEM building at Sydenham is opening up in March 2015. The building design is very unique as it is based on the structure of science, maths and engineering. The sixth form will be sited on the top floor of the building. The new sixth form has the whole package; there will be no more suffocation in the hot summers and no more cold breezes in the chilly winters. Say good bye to the dreadful curtains and hello to big floor to ceiling windows that are made specially to block out the extra sunlight that isn’t needed. The windows are designed to mechanically open when the room is hot and close when it’s cold. The radiators are fixed with a sensory temperature and will be turned on and off when necessary. Ever feel like you need a bit of fresh air and some sunshine? There is a large outdoor area that is made just for the sixth formers which holds a spectacular view of the area and is a great place to chill and relax amongst friends. The new sixth form is much bigger and has a separate study and common room.  Once the new building is finished, the old building will be refurbished and shortly after the Basil Spence building known as the concrete building will be knocked down and transformed into a beautiful landscape which consists of an outdoor theatre, tennis court and more
Trip to Southwark Cathedral- ‘Young People’s Question Time’ - by Reanar James (Year 12)
Trip to Southwark Cathedral- ‘Young People’s Question Time’
On Wednesday 12 November, a group of students and I were invited to a Post-16 Conference taking place in Southwark Cathedral. Before going on the trip, I researched the event to find it was a BBC Question Time like event about young people participating in discussion of ethical, political or social matters. From this, I was quite intrigued. 
We arrived at noon and settled in the Cathedral.  Students had to send in their own questions prior to the event. Only 6 people's questions were asked during the conference which encouraged lively discussion from the panel of people as well as the students. Questions ranged from topics such as ISIS to legalising marijuana. It was quite fascinating to listen to and share opinions with people of similar ages to us. Various intriguing points were made, no one simply agreed or disagreed with questions asked, everyone considered and respected each other's points and it felt like our views were taken as seriously as the adults on the panel were. 
Overall, it was a very intriguing and educational event to attend. Events like the Youth Question Time demonstrate to society that teenagers and young people aren't merely carefree and antisocial; we do have earnest opinions on current events. I think that it is important that events like these take place and are available for students across the UK as well as internationally. (Reanar James)
Year 12 Skills London Trip- Excel Centre - by Luke Akposhoro (Year 12)

SFH6 offers many exciting, exuberant and exhilarating opportunities. Just one of these was the recent Excel Skills London trip. This essentially entailed a day of career enriching opportunities at the London docks. Such stalls as Sky, Channel 4, the NHS, The Army and even KFC, were there! No matter what future route one may take, there was something for everyone. The popular video game peripheral the “Oculus Rift”, was even usable along with a google flight simulator and even a mechanical horse! One student described the experience as giving him “a real insight into what I want to get out of my future”.

Media Students out and about....... The Media Magazine Conference by Adam Panayi (Year 12)

On 16th December the AS Media group went to the Institute of Education for the annual MediaMag Conference. The first speaker was Jon Snow, and his main point was that even though the future of journalism may seem bleak, with people questioning who's going to pay you for writing things like blogs, he states that if you want to be a journalist you can be one. You need qualities such as inquisitiveness, drive, intelligence and a willingness to research, and that by being a journalist we have the power to make change. Destiny Ekaragha, a director, then explained her journey of getting into film. We saw her first production, 'Tight Jeans', and she explained her inspirations for it and how she made it. From this, we saw that it was achievable to make a short film of our own on a relatively low budget. Pete Fraser then detailed nine key points for media production, all of which are necessary to make a good end product. This included things like meticulous planning, extensive research and keeping your ideas simplistic. Jake Wynne talked about how he started editing. He explained how he went from being a runner to becoming an editor of music videos for big stars like the Spice Girls and Robbie Williams. Owen Jones, however, made the most inspirational speech; he proved how the media constantly focuses on those at the bottom of the social hierarchy and never shifts the spotlight onto those at the top. He states that the media uses misleading shows or articles containing extreme examples of problems to annoy its audience and create negative views. This is because he feels that the media is made up of people from a similar background, creating an unrepresentative view of the world. However, he felt that there should be optimism; if we fight for our rights like people in history did we can create change, echoing what Jon Snow said.

A Level Geographers

One of the A2 Geography groups visited the Epping Forest FSC on Monday 24th Nov. It was a cold, crisp day and very boggy underfoot due to the heavy rain on Sunday. Students collected primary data on vegetation succession and looked at how the city of London manages the forest. Students have another residential to look forward to in February, fingers crossed for better weather!
Performing Arts Students
On the 25th November, A level Drama and Theatre studies and BTEC Performing Arts students attended an exciting on-stage workshop at the Young Vic.  Having recently watched the performance of Anton Checkov's 'The Cherry Orchard', adapted by Simon Stephens, students took to the stage, alongside theatre professionals.  They staged an extract of the play working with the assistant director, Caitriona Shoobridge (see picture) to realise the scene and receive technical training; stage managing and operating the lights and sound.  This was a fantastic opportunity to see how the different elements of the production worked together, but also to be able to discuss and ask questions about possible career prospects within theatre.
BTEC Acting Children's Theatre performances to Primary Schools - by Kate Hadfield (Year 13)

For our December BTEC Acting assessment we created a piece of children's theatre that we would perform to an audience of Primary Schools. Classes from Brent Knoll, Elliot Bank and Adamsrill came to see our performance. Our play was a mash-up of two well know children's stories, Jack and the Beanstalk and Peter Pan. We incorporated elements of both to form Jack in Neverland, a story based on the adventures of the boy Jack in the mystical world of Neverland. We used lighting, sound and projections to help create a fairy tale world. Our performance went really well and the primary schools loved it - laughing at the right moments and booing Hook and his evil fairy Everbell. Overall the audience loved our performance and we loved it too


January 5th                                        

Spring Term Starts (Academic Review Day at Sydenham)
January 5th onwards     Year 11 6th form Interviews begin
January 9th The Young London Artists awards will take place at Sydenham School on Friday evening. The prize offers A level art students the opportunity to display their work to a public audience.
January 15th Applications should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 today
January 22nd                                             Year 12 Parent’s Evening held at Forest Hill School
January 26th – 30th                                      A2 Mock 2
January 27th – 31st                                           Work Experience for Level 2 Health and Social Care
February 2nd - 6th AS Mock 2

February 8th – 11th                                  

A Level Geography (SYD) residential to Flatford Mill
February 13th – 20th                                    

Ski Trip

 February 16th - 20th   Half Term

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