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Welcome to the first half term SFH6 newsletter of the year.

Welcome to our first half termly SFH6 newsletter for 2014-15. This year you will notice more of our items being written by our new team of SFH6 journalists (some of whom are pictured above!)

This term we began by celebrating some great A Level and Vocational results as well as some of our best ever University progression with 78% of our leavers going on to University this Autumn, 48% of those to the top Russell Group and Research Intensive Universities. We also welcomed our fabulous new Year 12 with three induction days run by our Y12 tutors and the 'live n learn' team. This really helped our students think about the skills and attitudes they will need to develop to be successful in the 6th form and to develop ‘growth mind-sets’. We enjoyed meeting all our new sixth form parents at the end of September and we look forward to working closely with you over the next two years.

UCAS Update:

Our Year 13 students have been working hard on their UCAS applications, researching courses and writing their personal statements. Students who are applying to Oxbridge or Medicine have already sent their applications off and are now waiting for news! We are delighted that some of our students have already received University offers, including 2 unconditional offers for Birmingham.

SFH6 Ambassadors

Over 40 sixth formers have now successfully applied to become SFH6 Ambassadors. These students are all keen to take on a leadership role around the two schools and have already supported with Year 6 open events, the Year 12 parents meeting and fund raising for Macmillan. Other ambassadors are busy planning the much anticipated SFH6 Xmas Talent Revival - we will report on this next time. You can see these students in their distinctive red T Shirts representing the sixth form at the SFH6 Open Evening in November and a wide range of other events over the year.

Mandarin: Luke Akposhoro (SFH6 Journalist)

SFH6 offers a large variety of interesting and skill developing courses. Just one of the many courses on offer is Mandarin; recently I interviewed some of the Mandarin students. The general consensus was that it is enjoyable and interesting with one student describing it as ‘quite fun!’ and another saying that they find learning about the ‘language and culture interesting as well as writing the symbols’. Another student said that they ‘thoroughly enjoyed it’ and recommends it to everyone. zhù ni háoyùn!

UKMT Maths Challenge

To all you Mathematicians out there, a reminder that the Senior UKMT Maths Challenge is the week we come back after half term on Thursday 6th November in Rooms 014 and 015 at Sydenham School. Please ensure you are there ready for an 8:50 start.Visit:
You can look at individual questions with solutions on:
Wendy Smith (Maths Dept.)
These are only a few of many enrichment activities that students can take part in – if you aren’t yet doing any of these please see the 6th form to find out how you could be enriching your time at SFH6.


The new SFH6 President has been elected!

Amy Clarke has been elected as the new SFH6 President for 2014-15. Congratulations!
After a week of campaigning and hustings Amy was elected president with Kate Hadfield elected as the Vice President, so well done to both of these student leaders. They have already had a meeting with Ms Pooley to discuss their ideas and to develop a plan to put these into action.
Below is a copy of Amy's winning manifesto:
The reason I am standing for president is because I would like to create a better communication system between the students and staff. Starting A-Levels is much harder than most people anticipate and it can at times feel overwhelming. I think there should be more support for students who are having difficulty with a particular subject from students who have done the subject before or ambassadors who can give advice about what’s best to do even if it is to help people realise they have chosen the wrong subject.
Another reason I am running is because although when I started sixth form, university seemed ages away there is so much pressure to apply to the right universities and get onto a course. Of course university is great but there are a lot of other options out there for people to take, either instead of university or before university. If I became president I would make sure there were more opportunities for people to find out about other paths they can take or find the right people who can help them get to where they want by holding days where business people, companies and university lecturers can come in and talk to the sixth form about all the options.
Lastly as sixth form president I would be in charge of organising events such as the talent show and prom, which is a lot of pressure but I love to take on people’s ideas and create really good experiences. So yes sixth form is the place to get your A-Levels and work hard but it should also be fun and memorable!
Therefore if you vote for me I promise to try my hardest to make these things happen and will always be there to hear your opinions on how to make our sixth form better.


Visit to the University of West London – BTEC ICT group

Ten students from Year 12 and 13 went on a trip to West London University in October. The trip was designed to find out about different IT courses that are available in Higher Education. The University provided free travel and workshops as well as a goody bag. We were able to learn to use gaming software and created a Pac Man game.
Nada Montague (SFH6 Journalist and ICT student)

A Level Art/Art History and Photography - Cudham residential Trip

This month Sydenham art, photography and art history students went on a residential trip to the Cudham activity centre.  Students spent three days in the environment creating artworks and developing a sketchbook that documents their experiences.  Activities include casting natural forms, creating land artworks and documenting journeys, as well as a tribal bonfire complete with costumes and drumming.  The work produced on the trip will contribute towards their coursework.  Miss Slipper and Mr Edwards our students.jpg
Nicole Arnold Year 12

Sixth Former Nicole Arnold had a challenging weekend as she competed in her first Karate knockdown tournament.  Nicole has fought and represented England as a Junior; now as a Cadet she was fighting full contact at the British Open Competition at the K2 Sports Centre at Crawley.
Nicole was fighting in the Lightweight Female Cadet category and was up against girls of her age from the UK and Europe. She had a number of tough fights before facing a girl from Wales. Nicole knew if she won this fight she would have a place on the podium.  As the fight neared the end Nicole attacked with a Mae-Geri Chudan (a fast kick to the stomach) which was judged by the referees as a Wazari as it stopped the other fighter and they stopped the fight and awarded the victory to Nicole.  The England fans in the Arena cheered and shouted her name.
Nicole was overjoyed as this meant she secured 3rd place!! The bruises will fade but the experience will be invaluable as she works to gain a place in the GB team for next year’s World Cup in Greece.  Before then she has competitions in Wales and Belgium to prepare for.

Joey Barton Year 13
At the end of the summer term, when most of us were winding down, Joey Barton was auditioning for a part in the Mathew Bourne production of ‘Lord of the Flies’ at Sadlers Wells. Joey was one of only 22 non-professionals to win a part in this prestigious production. The production was a critical success with a 4 star review in the Evening Standard. Please click on the links below to read some of the other reviews. I don’t think that these will be the last reviews we read of Joey Barton!

SFH6 Journalist Feature (Reanar James)Advice from Year 13 to Year 12!

SFH6 works hard to instil and promote good skills and attitudes for success. Teachers and staff try to motivate students to always make the effort, but sometimes this advice is disregarded. Perhaps this is because the advice is coming from adults who may well have done A Levels/BTECs many years ago – why would their advice be relevant to sixth formers today? Someone with recent experience of Year 12 perhaps will be more beneficial to our current Year 12's. Therefore I have asked a few Year 13's for some advice for Year 12's, just beginning the sixth form.
Luckily the majority of Year 13s in our school are approachable and friendly. One Year 13 student illustrates the perks of this saying that “the way to make friends is by approaching the right kinds of people”. Making friends in the sixth form can enhance the overall experience as long as you are balancing your social life with your academic studies. The Year 13’s I talked to were particularly enthusiastic about partying and recreation as well as achieving top results!
Of course study skills and attitudes are of great importance for Year 12's to acquire at the beginning of the year. Another Year 13 I talked to stressed the importance of revising from now, and using your study time as well as “getting homework in on time….don’t let it pile up”. She also goes on to suggest “extra research around the subject” and “good organisation” with well organised folders. These simple rules can ensure a prepared start to your A Level or BTEC course and to success in August 2015.


Mock Exams
Mock 1week is shortly after half term (10th November) and students need to get their revision organised to ensure that they achieve well in these exams. We  expect students to create a revision timetable and to use the half term week and then their study time to revise thoroughly. Revision needs to be active and techniques such as flash cards and the Cornell method have been recommended to students. The websites below can provide some really useful advice on revision techniques and planning, take a look:
Students - remember that your teachers will use the results of Mock 1 to identify your strengths and areas to improve on as well as to work out and revise students predicted grades so make them count!     a youtube clip explaining the Cornell method
We would like to remind students that we expect everyone to maintain a minimum of 95% attendance to lessons. Research shows that students with excellent attendance usually achieve at least one grade higher than other students in their exams. We are extremely impressed by the large number of students who have maintained a 100% attendance record since September, in fact too many to list here! We have sent letters home congratulating all of them.
If you do have to be absent from school please remember that a note or a phone call from parents is needed to authorize the absence.


10th - 14th November

Mock Exams for all students this week

12th November

‘Design Your Future’ UCAS event for students interested in a career in the creative arts.

12th November

20 SFH6 students are attending the Young Peoples Question Time at Southwark Cathedral.

13th November

SFH6 Open Evening for prospective students. 6pm – 8pm at Forest Hill School

14th November

The sixth form deadline for UCAS is 15th November All students applying should make sure that they have seen their tutor to discuss their personal statements.

21st November

All Year 12 students are attending the Skills London Careers event at the Excel Centre Docklands.

27th November

Year 13 Parents held in the Main School Hall at Sydenham School

3rd December

Year 12 and Year 10 'Band Night' Music Concert in the KKT at Forest Hill School
12th December Year 13s music gig at the Goldsmiths University Student Union Building at 7pm
16th December Year 12 and Year 13 A Level Media students visit Media Conference
17th December SFH6 Xmas Talent Revival
18th December Last teaching day of term for 6th form
22nd Dec - 2nd Jan CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY


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