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Welcome to our fourth half termly SFH6 newsletter  
This half term seems to have gone by very quickly and the exam season is nearly upon us. Students are now focusing on careful revision and exam preparation and many students and staff will be in the sixth form over Easter taking part in a range of extra revision classes (details below). Students have also found time to take part in a range of enrichment activities both in school and beyond and staff have been busy interviewing nearly 500 prospective Year 11 students who are keen to join SFH6 in September.
Our Year 13 students are in the final stage of the University application process – Universities have usually made all their offers by 31st March and students will need to reply to their offers by 7th May.

Year 12 students will start their UCAS preparation programme after the Easter Holidays although some have already taken opportunities to apply for and attend a range of taster courses. The sixth form will always text students about these opportunities so please pay close attention to these texts and then see the sixth form admin team for more information about any that interest you. The details of the UCAS preparation programme will be sent home shortly and includes opportunities to network with student university ambassadors, attend personal statement writing workshops, find out about student finance, visit a campus university and attend a large UCAS fair at Goldsmiths College. On 10th June we will be holding our Parents UCAS Evening which should be a really informative and useful evening.
Speakers 4 Schools:
We have just welcomed the second of our ‘Speakers 4 Schools’ guests on 27th March. Students in SFH6, along with younger Sydenham students, met Fran Unsworth who is the deputy director of news and current affairs at the BBC. This was an excellent opportunity for budding journalists to find out more about the world of news.
We would like to remind students that we expect everyone to maintain a minimum of 95% attendance to lessons. Research shows that students with excellent attendance usually achieve at least one grade higher than other students in their exams. We are extremely impressed by the large number of students who have maintained a 100% attendance record since September, in fact too many to list here! We are about to send letters home congratulating all of them.
If you do have to be absent from school please remember that a note or a phone call from parents is needed to authorize the absence. Contact details for 6th form reception at each school are listed below.
Revision Tips:

As we get very close to the AS and A2 examinations (3 or 4 weeks to some!) students need to make sure that they are putting their revision plans into action. Building on the feedback from teachers and the Mock Exam results, students should be using their time to revise thoroughly and to practice exam questions. Revision needs to be active and techniques such as flash cards and the Cornell method have been recommended to students. To check that revision is working students should always ask themselves; ‘Do I know it?’, ‘How do I know that I know it?’
The websites below can provide some really useful advice on revision techniques and planning, take a look: a youtube clip explaining the Cornell method

Careers Drop In:
Sixth formers are now able to attend a Careers Drop In service. This is held by Ms Kerr in the careers office at Sydenham every Monday between 10.00 and 12.00. This is a really good opportunity for students to find out about work experience opportunities, traineeships and apprenticeships.
Cambridge University Visit:
On 10th March a group of SFH6 students visited Gonville and Caius Cambridge which is our link Cambridge college. We had the opportunity to meet current Cambridge students, to find out about the application and admissions process and to really get to grips with what teachers mean when they say you should ‘read around the subject’! We all learnt a lot about what it would be like to study at Cambridge and also what the Cambridge Admissions Tutors are looking for in their prospective students. One highlight of the day was walking past Stephen Hawkings rooms although sadly he wasn’t in at the time!
Two days later we attended a Q&A session with admissions tutors from Cambridge and Oxford hosted by Eltham College. We hope that these opportunities will really support our students in their Oxbridge application next term.
AS Politics Trip to Parliament
The AS Politics class went to the Houses of Parliament to learn more about both law making and the electoral process. They received a guided tour of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, seeing figures such as David Blunkett, Alan Johnson, Paddy Ashdown and even the late Tony Benn in action. After the tour they took part in an elections and voting workshop where they learned about the different voting systems and how they worked. The afternoon was rounded off by a talk from our local MP, Jim Dowd, who explained a bit about his normal day and his working life in Parliament. As well as being informative and interesting, this tour links directly with the work the AS Politics students are doing on elections, voting and Parliament.
A Level Maths and ‘The Greek Legacy’
In March, five fellow A2 maths students and I went to a day of lectures at the Royal Institution entitled ‘The Greek Legacy’. Aside from being a beautiful neoclassical building with sweeping staircases and impressive libraries, it was exciting to sit in the lecture theatre addressed by many a famous scientist in the past. We listened to talks about Euclid’s Elements, learning to prove from first principles that the angles in a triangle add up to 180°, and that this is not always true on a curved plane like Earth. Then we watched demonstrations based on the exploits of Archimedes, both real and of questionable veracity. Before lunch we were treated to a musical written by an undergraduate maths student and performed by her fearlessly dramatic friends (historically accurate, of course, right down to Archimedes’ underwear). It was hilarious. Lunch was fraught with competitive spirit as we raced to find the answers to a maths quiz: just imagine the tension. I contributed a total of one answer to the group, go SFH6! We didn’t win, you’ll be devastated to hear. Next we were introduced to the first female mathematician of the ancient world and her astronomical invention, the astrolabe. Finally the theatre was engaged in a Socratic debate on the nature of maths, and whether it is discovered or invented.
New York
The sixth form trip to New York in half term was an amazing experience. We got the opportunity to go to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and also to see the 9/11 tribute Centre. This was a very cultural enriching experience and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
(Rianne Walters, Year 13)
Enrichment and Tutorial Time:
In the last newsletter we reported on the new ASDAN courses that some students have been taking in their tutorial time on Monday mornings this term. Below is a report from one of these groups:
Rock Climbing
One group has been learning about ‘Adventure Activities’ following the ASDAN Residential and Adventure Award. As part of this course the students had to plan and carry out a trip. They decided to attempt rock-climbing and bouldering at The Reach in Woolwich. The students were amazing; they harnessed up, listened to the safety advice, warmed-up and then off they went! They were fearless, they attempted everything the instructors challenged them to and they even rock-climbed blind-folded! The year 12’s worked in pairs and supported each other, guiding their partners up the climbing-wall. We all had a fantastic day and would definitely go again. Even Mr Maton had a go!
Students have also been able to get involved in a wide range of other activities beyond their lessons during the tutorial period. This half term these have included workshops with St Christopher’s Homeless Charity and activities with Jo Lyons, ‘Achievement for All’ coach, who is working with students to develop mentoring skills. Year 13 students have also had the chance to hear about the Brokerage programme which offers paid work experience to students who live/study in Lewisham. The key objective is to offer students the opportunity to gain an insight into the different careers and opportunities available to them within the business and financial services sector in the City of London and Canary Wharf. For more information see the website.
The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
Our first group of students taking the EPQ presented their projects to an audience on 19th March. To complete the project (which is worth half an A level) students have had to develop a research question and carry out independent research to write a 5000 word report. Students have attended regular tutorials in school to discuss their progress and on Wednesday 19th March I felt very proud to listen to their presentations. Students projects covered a very wide range of subjects including ‘Happiness’, the impact of the recession on charities, the age of consent, autism and gender, solar energy, MRSA and Film Remakes. Students have learnt a great deal from the project, especially time management and research skills and we are confident that these skills will be of great benefit to the students as they move on to university next year. We will be launching the EPQ with Year 12 students later in the summer term so look out for information after May half term.
Risikkaa Jegatheeswaran ‘Doing the EPQ has really helped my confidence – before I would always have avoided presentations. I have learnt about managing my time and how to stick carefully to my plans – no more ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.
BTEC Acting @ The Young Vic:
This week the BTEC Acting students have been performing their final SFH6 piece on the stage at the Young Vic Theatre in Waterloo. To accompany the Main House Young Vic show, Happy Days, starring Juliet Stevenson, the girls have staged two Beckett shorts. Year 13 student Emily Fidel describes Catastrophe and Come and Go as 'allegories for friendship, control and decay.' The fully-resourced show has sold-out and proven a fitting end to a brilliant two years of drama at FHS for the girls.
AS Government & Politics Trip to Westminster
On 19th March, myself and a group of AS Government & Politics students spent the day in Westminster at a conference centred on the Edexcel Politics course which we’ve been studying since September. The event was carried out by two chief examiners, one of which being Neil McNaughton, a contributor to the textbook endorsed by the exam board. Both were engaging public speakers who held our attention throughout the intense day. The day was somewhat extreme, consisting of 8 half hour lectures, each based on one of the topics which make up the Edexcel course. The expert speakers offered a valuable opportunity to help us clarify the key areas where we will be awarded marks, fill in any gaps in our knowledge and learn tips which will be useful when approaching questions under the pressure of exam conditions. Having spent the entire day listening to course specific information, I felt that I left with a broader knowledge about the course, more confident about my prospects for the exams. Therefore, I would encourage any student to attend such a conference specific to courses that they are study, fundamentally because there is a strong chance that they will open doors on the path to achieving top grades.  
Xavier Baker       
April 7th - 21st Easter Holidays
April 22nd Term Starts (10.00 am at Sydenham, 8.50 at FH)
April 23rd First Aid course at FH (Mr Moss)
May 12th AS Exams Begin
May 23rd Year 13 Leavers Prom
May 26th- 30th Half Term
June 2nd A2 Exams Begin
June 9th Y12 UCAS Programme starts
June 10th Parents UCAS Evening
June 12th A2 teaching begins for Year 12
June 17th Y12 Visit to Kent University and Canterbury
June 24th – 27th Y11-12 Bridging Week
August 14th AS and A2 Results – Year 12 to Year 13 enrolment

Gill Pooley
Head of SFH6 Gill Pooley: Teaches Sociology, Media Studies and the Extended Project.

Thierry Maton
Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Economics and Business Studies.

Mark Salmon
Deputy Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Maths and Politics.

Anita Belger
Head of 6th Sydenham: Teaches Sociology.

Sheila Conway
Head of Year 12 Sydenham: Teaches Health and Social Care, Citizenship and PSE

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