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Welcome to our third half termly SFH6 newsletter  
This half term has been full of exciting news for many of our Year 13 students who have been receiving offers from Universities and Art Colleges. We have also had Mock2 examinations which students have taken very seriously indeed. We expect our students to use the results of their mock exams to really focus their revision plans for the weeks leading up to their AS and A2 public exams in the summer.
A range of trips and visits have also taken place for many of our students this half term and of course we were delighted to meet our Year 12 parents again in January.

As promised in our last newsletter we are able to share some good news about the offers received from our Year 13 students applying to University. Many of our Year 13 students have now received offers from Universities all over the country in subjects including Biomedical Science, European Studies, Law, Midwifery, Physics and English with Classics to name just a few. We have two students with offers from Oxbridge (one from Oxford and one from Cambridge) and others preparing for challenging interviews for Medical Degree’s. We are very proud of all our students preparing to take the next steps in their chosen career at university or in apprenticeships.
Our Year 12 students will shortly be starting their UCAS preparation programme so look out for details about that and also for information about the UCAS parents meeting in the summer term.

Our SFH6 ambassadors continue to represent the sixth form at a range of whole school events and some of this group organised a fabulous Christmas Talent Show at the end of last term. This was so successful that it is already on the calendar for next year! Sixth formers have been showing their leadership skills in a number of other ways this term, a few are listed below.

reading buddies Reading Buddies
The English department at Sydenham is still recruiting Year 12 and 13 'reading buddies' for our mentoring scheme with Year 7 students at Sydenham. This is a chance for Year 12 and 13 students to raise the aspirations and confidence of young readers. This is a great opportunity to build excellent experience working with young people for UCAS applications and your C.V. Reading Buddies happens every Thursday lunchtime in Room 013. If you are interested please email Ms Greenland ( for more details.
Sixth Formers as Teachers
Sixth form students who studied Sociology at GCSE or at A-Level have buddied up with some year 11 targeted Sociology students to help improve their grades. They will be mentoring them once a week after half term. We plan to build more opportunities like this for students in the coming months.

Trips and visits
Year 12 Level 2 Health and Social Care Work Experience
In January this year our level 2 students spent one week in Health and Social care settings in the Lewisham borough to support their coursework. This year our students were placed in local primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries. Rosie said “I really enjoyed my time at Dalmain Primary school. My responsibilities included working with 3 – 5 year olds. I had to organise play activities, for example painting, water activities and playing with sand. I also helped the teacher to assess the children in their physical and intellectual skills. I was able to show initiative and improved my team work skills.”
Rosie’s supervisor observed Rosie’s growing confidence and offered her a part time voluntary post at the school. All the students found their work experience a valuable part of the course. Congratulations to Rosie and the other Y12 Health and Social Care Level 2 students who took part in this experience.

BTEC Acting Performances
We have been extremely fortunate in our BTEC Acting class, to have been offered the opportunity to perform in a collection of Beckett plays at the Young Vic. Every week, we are visited by professional theatre director, Finn Beames, who works with our class to create a performance which will be part of the production at the Young Vic. Instead of focusing on one play, we are creating a piece made out of a few short plays from the playwright Samuel Beckett. I am enjoying these workshops immensely, as we get to work in a professional environment where we are treated as working actors. These classes are also insightful and fun to work in, as we get to work with strange and interesting scripts by Beckett as well working with passionate directors, musicians and designers who have creative ideas and give us a lot of friendly encouragement.
Report by Emily Fidel Y13
B team
Euroscholar 2014
In January 3 teams of SFH6 students competed at Lewisham Town Hall for a place in the Euroscola 2014 debate. The final of this debate is held each year in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and is a fantastic opportunity for our students to discuss controversia European issues with students from over 20 European countries and to be MEPs for a day! All the students have to be able to speak a European language other than English and of course they have to have the confidence to debate in this large and famous venue. For the Lewisham round of the event our teams presented their views on the following European topics of their own choosing: “The European Union: Is there a future?”; “Can more integration between member states lead to less poverty within the EU?”; “How does gender equality legislation differ in the EU”
Ms Conway was very proud of our three teams and we are delighted that one of our teams won a place in the final and will be traveling to Strasbourg on 13th February.
Congratulations to:
Marri Decano , Anita Srisuriyakumar, Anjala Srisuriyakumar, Olunadara Oyedlepo , Rachel Johnson-Smith, Shagoofa Walizada, Sydney Samuels, Zoe MacIlraith, Sheba Param, Nell Mc Andrew-Noon, Bella Fiumacelli, Phoebe Heptinstall
And the winning team …..
Oluwayinka Odusami, Aida Bala, Sarah Jinodu, Kirstin Perry and Reneece Williams

Speakers 4 Schools
We are about to welcome the first of our ‘Speakers 4 Schools’. Students in SFH6 will be able to meet and listen to the well known BBC journalist Razia Iqbal on Friday 14th February and then in March we will be hosting a talk from Fran Unsworth – Deputy Director of BBC News. This is a great chance for a range of sixth formers to hear from some really inspiring women. Thanks to Ms Morris for organising this fabulous opportunity.
YLA pic

SFH6 Artists

The Young London Artists award took place at Sydenham School starting at the end of January. This is a chance for A level Art and Photography students to exhibit their work and to be judged by professional artists as well as their peers and family. The prize offers A level art students the opportunity to display their work to a public audience and has a reward of £100.

Judges and prize-winners (left to right) judge Jasmine Chin, illustrator; George Booth-Cole (YLA runner-up); judge Roxana Halls, artist; judge Agatha Zielinska-Hyrn, gallery-owner; Lotte Kilraine (YLA First Prize)
Congratulations to Lottie and George and also to Emily Fidel who won the People’s Choice Award.
Read more about the exhibtion in the Newshopper

Forest Hill A level Art students held their first public exhibition at The Lovely Gallery in Sydenham.
Students were congratulated on the very high calibre of their work, if you missed this then make sure you come along next year!

FH Art Pic
A Level Art Residential

AS Art students also spent a weekend with their teachers in Cudham this February. This was a chance for students to spend some quality time developing their artistic ideas and we look forward to seeing the products of all this work in their final AS pieces.

Asdan Courses at Forest Hill

As part of the sixth form enrichment programme we have introduced a variety of courses through the tutorial programme at Forest Hill. The courses have been selected to offer students the opportunity to further their personal development, to support their progression and to offer invaluable experience in a chosen field.
The courses are all nationally recognised and come with a certificate of achievement from ASDAN (the awarding body). The courses that have been made available are the following:
Leadership, Peer Mentoring, Adventure and Residential, Expressive Arts, and Languages. Additionally some students have opted to choose AS General Studies. Students who show an active interest and do well in this subject will be given the opportunity to take an extra AS this year.

We would like to remind students that we expect everyone to maintain a minimum of 95% attendance to lessons. Research shows that students with excellent attendance usually achieve at least one grade higher than other students in their exams. We are extremely impressed by the large number of students who have maintained a 100% attendance record since September, in fact too many to list here! We have sent letters home congratulating all of them.
If you do have to be absent from school please remember that a note or a phone call from parents is needed to authorize the absence.

Revision Tips

As we get nearer to the AS and A2 examinations (12 weeks to some!) students need to get their revision plan organized. Building on the feedback from Mock Exams we now expect students to create a revision timetable and to use study time to revise thoroughly. Revision needs to be active and techniques such as flash cards and the Cornell method have been recommended to students. The websites below can provide some really useful advice on revision techniques and planning, take a a youtube clip explaining the Cornell method

February 13th History trip to Russia
February 17th – 21st Psychology and Sociology Trip to New York
February 15th – 21st Ski Trip
February 17th – 21st Half term
February 24th CPD Day at Forest Hill only (lessons as usual at Sydenham)
February 24th Careers in Health and Social Care workshop at 1pm in the Science Centre at Sydenham School
February 24th A2 reports sent home
February 28th AS reports sent home
March 25th & 4th April AS and A2 dance exam
April 7th - 21st Easter Holidays
May 23rd Year 13 Leavers Prom
Meet our Tutors - Forest Hill School
Year 12
12DNN D. Nguyen
12LPL L. Powell  
12RMS R. McInnes  
12JPD J. Pinfold  
12JKS J. Kubilius  
12ASS A. Simmons  
Year 13      
13ABK A. Brooks  
13JGT J. Gallant  
13TJN T. Jackson  
13TMS T. Moss  
13 NHD H.Hamid
Meet our Tutors - Sydenham School  
Year 12      
12S J. Drew  
12Y S. Hodgson  
12D A. Lewis  
12E S. Iyeke  
12N D. Sheward  
Year 13      
13S K. Slipper  
13Y N. Maduka  
13D L. Marcus  


W. Akaje-Macauley


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