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Welcome to our second half termly SFH6 newsletter  
This half term has been a very busy one for students and staff alike with mock exams for all, UCAS applications for Year 13, a range of trips and visits, our Open Evening and of course our Year 13 parents evening. We have been especially proud of our new SFH6 ambassadors as they have taken on their new role with enthusiasm.
Many of our Year 13 students have now sent off their applications to University and offers have been coming in since half term. Students have received offers from Kings College London to study Biomedical Science, Warwick to study Art History, Liverpool to study English and Philosophy, Nottingham for European Studies, Manchester to study Law, Sussex for Politics, Durham to study Physics to mention just a few! Many students are attending university interviews including two at Oxford and one at Cambridge. Next term will see more offers coming through and our year 13 students getting closer to the next exciting stage of their lives.
We are also delighted that Walizada Shgoofa and Uthayakumaran Priyantha from Year 12 have been accepted into the Goldsmiths College ‘Realising Opportunities’ Programme. This is a great opportunity for our students to take part in a national programme to prepare for University.
SFH6 Ambassadors:
This half term our newly appointed ambassadors have had a very busy time giving speeches to prospective parents and representing SFH6 on our Open Day (take a look at photos of this on Flickr). They have also taken the lead on our HIV/AIDS awareness campaign with younger students, running assemblies and raising £100 in red ribbon sales. To end the year and celebrate the festive season, the ambassadors have been promoting the 'Make it Better in a Sweater' campaign to raise money for Save The Children. We saw some outstanding Christmas jumper wearing on Wednesday 18th December.
Trip to Southwark Cathedral- ‘Young People’s Question Time’
SFH6 students were invited to take part in a ‘Young People’s Question Time’ where they
engaged in debate about political and social issues affecting our society. Panellists included James Cleverly, a London assembly member for Bexley and Bromley, Dr Adam Rutherford, a science writer and broadcaster, Shami Chakrabarti, director of liberty and Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis Charitable Trust. Some examples of the topics that emerged during the debate were ‘’should cannabis be legalised?’’ and ‘’Has Islamophobia become more acceptable?’’. SFH6 students were able to put two of their questions to the panel and they found it a thought-provoking experience, ‘’the debate was very informative, there was a wide range of panellists who had varied perspectives on topical themes’’- Dimitria Shortridge, Year 13 and ‘’Because of the diverse panel you got points of view from different people which is vital in debates’’- Reneece William, Year 13.
Year 12 Skills London Trip- Excel Centre
On the 22nd November Year 12 SFH6 students attended ‘Skills London 2013’ which was a large careers event for young people from across the Capital. The event showcased opportunities available to students who are interested in employment after education. The event included information about apprenticeships, education, training, employment and internships. It is vital for students to be aware of the immense choice of career pathways available to them post 18 and beyond.
Maths Lecture at the Palace Theatre
Did you know that in a room of 23 people, there is a 50% chance two of them share a birthday? With 57 people the probability increases to 99%! Earlier this half term, Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students went to a mathematics lecture at the Palace Theatre in London. Three speakers discussed a number of topics ranging from solids of constant width, probability and gambling and even the universe and the meaning of life! They were interactive, informative and really opened the students’ eyes to how maths is involved in everyday life in ways one wouldn’t automatically assume. Humour intertwined with challenging maths made for a compelling afternoon, all finished off with a final Sting song to unite the audience in the motif of dancing numbers.
Maths again!
We have 4 proud winners of the 2013 Senior Maths Challenge award.
From left to right are :
TIARNAN HAMILTON-TURNER (Y13- Bronze), ISHAAQ ABDI MOHAMMED (Y13- Bronze), MARHO DAFITOHWO (Y13- Gold and Best in School) and JARED NDISANG (Y12- Bronze).
These boys made history as it was the first time two of the award winners (Marho Dafitohwo and Henry Kerr yr 11- not in picture) qualified for the next stage of the Senior Maths challenge for Forest Hill school.
Former SFH6 Student Visits Science
On 25th November former SFH6 student, Becky Devlin, came back to see us and spoke to the A-level Science students about her PhD work on the parasite that causes sleeping sickness. She answered questions about routes into higher education and scientific research. It was warmly received by the students and we look forward to welcoming other former students back to share their fantastic experiences with us later in the year.
Media Students out and about
On 3rd December about 20 Media students spent the day at The Guardian newspaper learning how to edit news footage, skills they will be able to apply to their AS coursework very soon. On 13th December they followed this with a Media Conference where students got the chance to meet and hear from a range of academics and industry professionals including the Producer/Director of Educating Yorkshire and the Director of ‘A Young Doctors Notebook’. Hopefully they are all now inspired to make amazing production work.
SFH6 Talent Revival
A group of psychology ambassadors have been working extra hard over the last few weeks to develop their organisational skills and plan a 6th form festive celebration. This event features the vast and varied talents of our own students and should be a great way to start the festive season. This took place on Wednesday 18th December so look out for pictures on twitter/flickr.
January 6th Spring Term Starts
January 6th onwards SFH6 ‘Reading Buddies’ will be starting in the Spring Term. This scheme pairs sixth form mentors with Sydenham Year 7 students and aims to support students' literacy and confidence. It's a rewarding experience and looks great on your C.V. Please contact Ms Greenland for more details, in the English office or on
Wednesday Lunchtimes in 013 from 1-1.30pm'
Friday 10th & Sat 11th January The Young London Artists awards will take place at Sydenham School starting at 7pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday. The prize offers A level art students the opportunity to display their work to a public audience. See our website for more details of this fabulous event.
January 15th Applications should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 today
January 23rd Year 12 Parent’s Evening held at Forest Hill School
January 27th – 31st A2 Mock 2
January 31st A level Art residential
January 27th – 31st Work Experience for Level 2 Health and Social Care
February 3rd – 7th AS Mock 2
February 6th RE Ethics conference
February 13th

History trip to Russia

February 17th – 21st Psychology and Sociology Trip to New York
March AS and A2 dance exams
We couldn’t complete this newsletter without reflecting on what we can learn from the life of Nelson Mandela. He taught me that you can achieve anything through perseverance, determination and hard work and that these are the 3 principles I will try to live my life by. Next year is the beginning of a new and exciting period in the lives of year 13 in particular and these 3 principles will stand us in good stead on this journey.
As Nelson Mandela said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’
Sarah Jinodu (Joint SFH6 President)

Head of SFH6 Gill Pooley: Teaches Sociology, Media Studies and the Extended Project.

Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Economics and Business Studies

Deputy Head of 6th Forest Hill: Teaches Maths and Politics.

Head of 6th Sydenham: Teaches Sociology.

Head of Year 12 Sydenham: Teaches Health and Social Care, Citizenship and PSE

The Admin Team:
Senior Administrator SFH6
Lesley Daniels

Based at Forest Hill:
Eloise Willoughby-Lamport
Celina Cover

Based at Sydenham:
Marcia Brown
Lauren Ansah

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